August 2020

Get on with it: the fight for jobs at New Acland

Our Union is calling on the Queensland Government to immediately approve Stage 3 of the New Acland mine. Coal miner Michael Hartin says New Acland workers are fed up after waiting 13 years for the project to get signed off and will make support for the mine a state election issue.

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‘Angel in the sky’ saved our lives

For over 35 years Northern District coal miners have poured millions of dollars into the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service. Duralie Lodge Member Chris Griffith and his wife Rachel have both been rescued by the chopper after harrowing accidents.

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New podcast out now!

Listen to the latest on BHP’s Operations Services, the fight for jobs at New Acland and the proud history of coal miners’ support for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter.

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Our Queensland District has held its delegates’ convention in Rockhampton this week. Numbers were limited to comply with COVID restrictions, but big discussions were held about the future. The convention kicked off with this look back at events of the past four years in Queensland

In Other News

BHP says no to equal pay for Ops Services, claims workers have ‘no concerns’

BHP's in-house labour hire provider Operations Services claims workers have no concerns about employment terms. Organiser Jason Lipscombe says he's heard hundreds of complaints about poor working conditions. Read More

Glencore pits hit by school holiday shutdowns

Thousands of coal mineworkers will be affected by temporary shutdowns next month as Australia’s second biggest coal producer Glencore takes steps to slow production. Read More

The many colours of hydrogen . . . and what they mean for coking coal

So you thought hydrogen was an invisible gas? Well you’re right, but it’s colour-coded when discussed as an energy technology. And it may sound mysterious, but it has implications for the future of coking coal in steelmaking, writes National Research Director Peter Colley. Read More

A message from ACTU President Michele O'Neil

A national jobs plan, and five ways to get started

The impacts of the pandemic are still emerging, and we are all trying to imagine what our country will look like in the future. The ACTU has developed a National Economic Reconstruction Plan.

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