June 2020

Nail in the coffin for ‘permanent casual’ rort

The Federal Court judgment in WorkPac v Rossato has reinforced our earlier win in the Skene case, finding that the ‘permanent casual’ labour hire model in coal mining is unlawful.

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Full steam ahead for class action

The Rossato judgment has cleared the way for the Union’s class action against WorkPac to proceed. We are claiming millions in unpaid entitlements for members.

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Operations Services workers closer to a fair bargain

BHP has suffered a setback in its efforts to ram through substandard Enterprise Agreements covering thousands of Operations Services (OS) coal miners without bargaining with them.

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In Other News

What does Australia’s recession mean for the mining industry?

On 3 June Australia it was reported that the Australian economy shrank 0.3% in the three months to the end of March. Given that most of the impact of the COVID-19 shutdowns happened after that, it is certain that the economy will shrink far more in the three months to the end of June. Read More

Coal industry conditions in sight for Orica shotfirers

The CFMEU is ready to bargain for a better deal for Orica shotfirers at Boggabri Coal in NSW’s Gunnedah Basin, after an important legal victory on coverage rights. Read More

Scholarship students step up to coronavirus challenge

Congratulations to this year’s successful Mineworkers Trust Scholarship recipients. Twenty students have been awarded the $6250 scholarship to support their studies, but just as the academic year got underway the COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted their studies. Read More

‘Heeding the call’ – a coal miner’s journey to the Western Front

Mark Sneddon's father, grandfather and great uncles were miners. He has recently written a book about his great uncle Robert Snedden, ‘Heeding the Call… from Barnsley to the Battlefront,' and he has shared some of his memories with Common Cause. Read More

Message from the President

A great win delivered by Union members

Every member of our Union should be enormously proud of our big court win for casuals in the matter of WorkPac v Rossato. This is a decision that has deeply rattled employers because it is a fatal blow to the ‘permanent casual’ business model they have been using for years to rip off workers, especially in coal mining.

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