May 2022

Same Job Same Pay, let’s vote for it

Our union has run a strong campaign to highlight the permanent jobs crisis in the mining industry. We need to change the government to stop mining companies using labour hire to cut wages and job security. This election is our opportunity.

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Labour hire’s billion-dollar cost to communities

A new report into the staggering cost of labour hire wage-cutting has found that about a billion dollars a year is stripped from mining regions as mining companies pocket the difference between permanent and labour hire wages.

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Loss of a union legend

Beloved union activist and elder Tom McDonald passed away aged 95 in April. He was key to some of the union movement’s biggest achievements and was the union movement’s greatest mentor. A celebration of his life was held in Sydney Town Hall on 9 May.

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A special Grosvenor Lodge meeting on 6 May 2022 brought union and community members together to honour nursing staff and remember the terrible underground explosion of 2020.

In Other News

Congratulations to Mineworkers Trust scholarship winners

The 2022 Mineworkers Trust Scholarships have been awarded to 20 scholarship recipients receiving $7000 each, based on an independent assessment of their academic achievements and goals. Read More

Russell Robertson wants to change a system stacked against workers

In our latest podcast, Russell Robertson, MEU Member and ALP Candidate for Capricornia, explains how his time as a union activist showed him how hard it is for workers to get a fair go. That's why he wants to give mineworkers a political voice. Read More

How supply constraints could see coal prices stay higher, longer

National Research Director Peter Colley never thought he'd see coal prices as high as they currently are. He looks at how supply constraint could contribute to coal prices staying higher, longer than forecast. Read More

From the General President

Dan and Russell ready to give coal miners a voice

We have been proud to support two of our members running for Parliament this federal election campaign – Russell Robertson in Capricornia and Dan Repacholi in Hunter. Having Dan and Russell in Parliament would give coal miners and coal mining communities the strong voice they need in Canberra.

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