October 2019

Certainty in short supply as closure looms at Liddell

Attention is on AGL’s Liddell power station in the Hunter Valley as the next coal-fired power station slated for closure. While politicians stream through for photo opportunities, the Union is focused on making sure workers and the local community are looked after.

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Social media a minefield for workers: tips for staying safe

Social media is great for keeping in touch with friends, but it has also become a popular way for mining bosses to keep tabs on workers. This is your must-read guide to avoid disciplinary action or worse (hint: don’t take or share work photos).

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Volume up, prices down: the outlook for export coal

Australia is the largest exporter of metallurgical coal in the world; and the second largest exporter of thermal coal. While prices for both products have declined off record highs, increased volume means they will remain substantial earners.

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“You drown in your own blood, that’s how you die with an outburst of gas.” Seven men died by gas burst at Collinsville State mine on 13 October 1954. Hear survivors recount the tragic events in this moving excerpt from Blood on the Coal.

In Other News

Nappy days: dads can be primary carers too

Baby Percy is the third child for Rio Tinto iron ore driver Brendan Hocking, but it is the first time the FIFO worker has taken primary carers’ leave. With more employers introducing gender neutral parental leave schemes, there are more opportunities for dads to take time out for caring. Read More

Coal long service leave turns 70

Seventy years ago this week, the first long service leave scheme for Australian coal miners was established - based on time in the industry, not time with your employer. Born out of the bitter seven-week coal strike of 1949, the Coal Industry Long Service Leave scheme was the first scheme in Australia for blue collar workers and remains one of the best in the world. Read More

One Key update: outstanding claims resolved

Over the next few weeks, a large number of members of the CFMEU engaged by One Key will have their outstanding claims resolved. The resolution is part of a comprehensive settlement reached with One Key arising from Federal Court proceedings initiated by the CFMEU. Read More

From the President

BHP makes a mockery of 'social value'

Hold the presses. BHP has discovered that in a changing world, having the support of the communities it operates is key to its business success. Meanwhile, its Operations Services employment model is ripping money out of mining communities through lower wages.

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