October 2021

Pilbara train drivers get organised

Iron ore train drivers in the Pilbara are exhausted. They’ve borne the brunt of a sector booming in the middle of a pandemic - leaving some stuck over east chewing up leave and some doing double the work in 45 degrees in the west. Find out how they are getting organised to address long-running issues in our latest podcast.

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"I have had a safe career and I want that for all mineworkers"

Sara Hines was intimidated when she took on the role of site check inspector (SSHR) at Curragh mine near Blackwater in Central Queensland. But two and a half years into the role, her confidence has grown and she’s been nominated for an award to recognise her passion and commitment to improving safety.

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Mandatory Covid vaccinations: Challenge at Mt Arthur and legal state of play

A challenge to BHP’s mandatory vaccination policy is underway at Mt Arthur coal mine in NSW, but legal options regarding vaccination requirements vary from state to state depending on whether public health orders are in place.

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What do the LNP really think about permanent jobs? Not much. Your regular reminder from Capricornia MP Michelle Landry.

In Other News

Coal going gangbusters in 2021 as outlook for exports debated

Right now, loads of money are being made with coal prices through the roof. National Research Director Peter Colley looks at the current price boom and longer term forecasts. Read More

Job opportunity: Queensland growth and campaigning organisers

Looking for a new opportunity? Our organising and campaigning team is growing, with positions available in Central Queensland. Read More

From the General President

Nats sign up to net zero

After some excruciating theatre about what they would ‘extract’ for their support, the Nationals gave net zero their blessing in exchange for another cabinet position. For all their talk about regional jobs it shows whose jobs they really care about.

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