September 2019

Union campaign targets BHP Operations Services rip-off

CFMEU Mining and Energy is running a major advertising campaign to expose BHP’s sneaky new wage-cutting trick – outsourcing coal mining jobs to its own subsidiary.

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Hey Idemitsu, why pay Boggabri workers less?

Mineworkers at Boggabri Coal Mine in northern NSW are stepping up their industrial campaign for pay and conditions in line with industry standards.

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New name added to the ‘saddest of rolls’

Hundreds gathered at our Northern Mining and NSW Energy District’s 24th Annual Memorial Day in Cessnock in September to mourn lives lost in the coalfields and the sad addition of a new name to the memorial wall.

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SECRET FOOTAGE: We have obtained secret footage from a profit strategy session in BHP’s boardroom. You’ll never believe what they come up with!

In Other News

Coal industry myth-busting: separating fact from fiction

There’s plenty of misinformation flying around about coal mining and coal power. Let’s address three common myths about coal and coal power. Read More

Extra 15 minutes adds up to $3m backpay win at Coppabella

Mineworkers at Peabody’s Coppabella mine in central Queensland are set to receive a backpay windfall after the Fair Work Commission found that a requirement to attend the site office 15 minutes before shift for preparations and transport was work time. Read More

Rio Tinto Autohaul in the Pilbara: The world's biggest robot - where do workers fit in?

Automation should deliver benefits for workers and communities – not just shareholders and executives. Rio Tinto has brought in the world's biggest robot - but where do workers fit in? Read More

Workers lose hope at New Acland as approvals delayed

Redundancies are underway at Queensland’s New Acland mine as approval for an expansion for the mine continues to be delayed. Read More

From the General President

Facing up to our challenges

It has been an important week in Sydney, with our Central Council meeting to discuss the issues and make the decisions that set our course for the future.

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